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Peace In Your Life


Our verse for today comes from Luke 7:50, ” Then He said to the woman, ‘Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.’ “


Are you at peace? Do you have peace in your life? Or are you looking for peace, longing for it, going through your days wishing that you had more of it? Is there more unrest than rest at the end of your day? Is there a relationship that has become edgy lately? Are your emotions getting the better of you, are you feeling more and more overwhelmed? Do you say ” whatever ” too often? Do you compare today with a former time when things seemed so much better? Peace is very much an invited guest. It does not force its way or stay where it is not welcome. It arrives unannounced and exits without fanfare. It comes on certain terms and departs without compromise. And that is why so many do not have it. Peace cannot be cajoled or bullied or coerced. It will not be strong-armed or manipulated. There is no ledger where peace is owed upon full payment. Peace comes only when we have made a place for it. But don’t confuse making a place for it with doing a lot of work or getting some personal housecleaning done. Jesus offered peace to the sinner woman who washed His feet with her tears and anointed Him with oil. But it wasn’t these acts of service that caused Jesus to grant forgiveness and send her on her way restored and at peace. It was her faith that was the difference. It is always our faith that makes the difference.


When peace is missing and that chip reappears on our shoulder, our faith is askew and our dependence on the Spirit is lacking. To make a place for peace is to completely trust in the Peacemaker. The acts that follow, whether they be crying on the feet of someone you have offended in search of forgiveness, or doing whatever you can to make right a wrong, simply come from a heart at peace with a Savior who has forgiven. Peace does not come as a result of the efforts, but enters the heart that is resting on faith, and flows freely through the deeds that are done in worship of the King. His peace is out there, but not for the taking. It’s there for the receiving.


As we seek Him today, put your full trust in Christ, and let your faith prepare a place for the peace that is to come.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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