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Pedophiles – Remain in the Closet

It has been amazing to see how our country has changed over the last few years. In many ways, we have become more accepting of others’ varied actions and beliefs. In other ways, such as most traditional dogma, we have become less tolerant. What is without question, we, as a nation, have become extremely polarized. In an earlier article, I generated a long list of some of those polarizing actions. 

Interestingly, last week an employee of Old Dominion University made a statement based on his published research that galvanized the nation with single-mindedness, unusual in today’s climate. Assistant Professor Allyn Walker suggested a softening in the stigma associated with pedophilia by the use of the alternate term “minor-attracted people” or MAPs. He considered this to be less stigmatizing toward those with this inclination. After media outcry, Walker was immediately put on administrative (paid) leave and, after numerous threats on his life, resigned from the university shortly thereafter. 

What is a Pedophilia

Webster defines Pedophilia as a “sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object; a psychiatric disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or engages in sexual acts with a prepubescent child”.

What’s Not the Point

It is not the intent of this brief article to defend or demonize Mr. Walker. There are many, many others taking on the latter responsibility, often without digging very deep. However, from the perspective of documenting continuing media bias, it is interesting to note that Walker’s research took the form of a book published in June of this year. Its overview expresses the intent of his research which was to explore an otherwise hidden  “group whose experiences offer valuable insights into the prevention of child abuse”. Though I offer no justification for most of Walker’s comments, I would suggest that this quote was missing from most, if not all media reporting on his situation.

What Is the Point

With all the newfound freedoms in areas and terms that were so recently considered culturally unacceptable, we still seem to have a small subsection of behavior that remains offensive to the vast majority of Americans, regardless of their political affiliations – Pedophilia.

The reason is that children are a class of individuals who usually cannot advocate for themselves. They are considered vulnerable and defenseless against adults who attempt to use them as sexual objects. This, even in the face of advocates who suggest that children as young as two can already be experiencing gender dysphoria

America has become a nation of individuals who, separate from an all-powerful God, believe they can set any standard or moral code for themselves, as long as it does not significantly impact others. However, there is nearly unanimous agreement that pedophiles should be barred from exercising their attractions to children. 

What is the REAL Point

So let me leave you with a simple question. What group is more vulnerable than children being attacked by pedophiles? What group cannot speak for themselves, cannot protect themselves, and will never be able to advocate for themselves? The Unborn.

Today, in most states, if a pregnant mother is shot and killed, the perpetrator is charged with two deaths, not one. Yet, we aborted nearly 500k unborn babies in 2019 alone. This was more than the number of US COVID deaths in 2020 (385k). To make the point even stronger, there were 73 million worldwide abortions in 2020 compared to 1.8 million COVID deaths. I would submit that if pedophilia remains such a strong taboo, so should abortion (Jer. 1:5, Psalm 139:13-16). This regardless of the rights of the parents (either the mother or the “birth person” or “birth dad”). 

Jeff Hilles | BCWorldview.org


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