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Pelosi Exorcism, Video Villains, Chest Binders, More…

Friday, February 3, 2023

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Nancy Pelosi called priests to perform ‘exorcism’ after husband’s hammer attack, daughter says

Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, told the New York Times that her mother called priests to perform an exorcism of the house over Thanksgiving, just weeks after David DePape allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer.” – Fox News

What does it mean that people suddenly love movie & TV villains?

There’s a saying among actors that the villain is often the best role in a given script. Hannibal Lector? Darth Vader? Nurse Ratched? Freddy Kruger? Jigsaw? Bellatrix Lestrange? Norman Bates? These are certainly some of filmdom’s most memorable characters…. First came the anti-hero, in the “auteur” film era of the 1970s, and then later in the 90s and 00s, with the rise of prestige TV. These movies and TV shows weren’t aiming for mass appeal, so they could dare to feature main characters who struggled to do the right thing — and often acted in selfish, self-destructive ways.” – LGBTQ Nation

Minnesota health mentor offers student chest binder for gender transition behind parents’ backs

We’ve seen school officials nationwide instructed not to disclose students’ alternative pronoun use when talking to parents. We’ve seen other schools being directed to refrain from disclosing the chest-binding practices of students to their parents. Now, Libs of TikTok has obtained evidence that not only are schools keeping this information from parents and feeding students’ delusions that they can change their sex, but they are also facilitating potentially harmful transitioning practices.” – Libs of TikTok

NY Rangers’ Decision to Yank Pride Jerseys Could Upend Sports’ Status Quo

While the questions rain down about who’s responsible and how this could happen in a progressive paradise like New York City, the Rangers replied with a simple statement: “Our organization respects the LGBTQ+ community and we are proud to bring attention to important local community organizations as part of another great Pride Night. In keeping with our organization’s core values, we support everyone’s individual right to respectfully express their beliefs.” – Washington Stand

National Prayer Breakfast splits from longtime organizer

This year’s National Prayer Breakfast will be hosted by a new congressional foundation led by former Sen. Mark Pryor, a Democrat from Arkansas. The annual event was organized and run by The International Foundation, also known as “The Family,” for decades as part of the organization’s multi-day convention. The newly formed National Prayer Breakfast Foundation will host 200 to 300 attendees, including President Joe Biden, for a simplified event where Pryor says Congress members will pray for the president, government, and world. The Family will host its own gatherings simultaneously.” – World

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