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Point Your Day Toward Jesus

Make sure that the big and the little things of your day are all aimed at making you follow Jesus more closely.


Our verse for today comes from John 21:22, ” Jesus said to him, ‘If I desire that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.’ “


During my years in college and as a young adult, I was exposed to various types of preachers and Bible teachers. Each had his own style, but all were extremely Biblical in their sermons and lessons. Some I heard in person, and others I learned from by way of books or the radio. But the ones that I was drawn to, the ones that I would pattern myself after, were the ones who went extra deep into the text. They would spend extensive amounts of time giving cross-references to similar verses, explaining the original Greek meanings of the words, and analyzing every nuance of the intentions of the passage. I used to eat that stuff up. When I began leading Bible studies, my lessons would be filled with just that sort of content. I would spend hours, week after week, trying to grasp, and then explain, the subtle differences between two Greek words, or the impact of the specific tense of the verb that the writer chose, or the significance of all the other instances where that same word was used in scripture. It was extremely educational and very informative.


But then one day, God seemingly asked me, ” What is that to you? ” He had me look back at all that had been learned and taught and ask myself, ” What difference did it make? ” And that’s when some things changed. I hadn’t been a super Christian before that, and I certainly am not one now. But my focus has been changed, and for me I would say it’s been corrected.

When I read God’s Word, I still want to understand the deepest sense of the passage. But now I want to know so that I will more closely follow Jesus. And when I might be teaching a lesson, I want every explanation and every example to point the listener closer to Jesus. All the other exercises and struggles and methodologies don’t matter without that. Jesus wants us to follow Him, to be close enough to smell the sweat trickling down His back. Close enough to almost hear His very thoughts. So when you do what you do, ask yourself what is that to you. Ask yourself what it’s doing to get you closer to Jesus.


As we seek Him today, make sure that the big and the little things of your day are all aimed at making you follow Jesus more closely. And ask God for the wisdom and strength to change what isn’t.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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