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“Politics should not be part of Sunday morning sermons.”

Study the truth rather than pointing out the fake.

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A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – We all know the illustration of how Federal Agents are trained to spot counterfeit currency… Instead of studying the myriad of tell tale signs of a counterfeit, they spend their training studying the real thing. Once they have immersed themselves in the real, all forms of fake stand out as what they are.

Similarly, politics has no business in the church, particularly the mega-churches whose pastors, because of their influence, are drawn into publicly supporting various candidates which ultimately undermines their ministry. Instead, the focus of the Sunday mornings should be the worship of God and the study of His teachings, the Bible. The more we know the inerrant truth of God’s words, the more we can detect the falseness of all forms of mankind’s sins, including the lies found at every level of the political spectrum.

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