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Pray For Fearless Words


Our verse for today comes from Ephesians 6:19, ” Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel. “


Do you know someone who is mighty in prayer? Do you have people in your life who you know will pray for you when you make a request of them? Maybe it’s you. Maybe you are the one who is faithful to go to the Lord with petitions and praises. Perhaps others are routinely seeking you out to pray on their behalf because they know that you will faithfully lift them up to the Lord. Well, those believers in Ephesus must have been mighty prayer warriors. Perhaps it was only a few, but I doubt it. I’m guessing that a vast majority of them spent some serious time talking and sharing their hearts with God. And I say that because the evidence is pretty clear. Paul asked them to pray for him, that whenever he spoke, his words would fearlessly proclaim the good news of Jesus. And what was Paul’s life about? What does much of Acts and most of the New Testament Epistles reveal to us? He tirelessly and faithfully declared to all he could that Jesus had come to bring salvation to the lost. Without compromise or deference to any particular group of listeners, Paul made known the mystery of the gospel. Prayers answered.


Now, we have many ministries going on at our church. And each Sunday our sanctuary has dozens of people who are struggling with one thing or in need of another. Our fellowship, like any other on this planet, is made up of needy people trying to meet the needs of needy people. But are we praying for them? Are we praying for their hearts to seek Christ first? Are we praying that His glory will be the primary focus in their daily lives? Are we praying that God will give us an opportunity to minister to someone else? Are we praying that everything our church is about is about everything our Savior intends? Many people are struggling. Various ministries are floundering. There are prayers that need to be said, but who is going to say them? What does it mean when so few people show up for the corporate prayer time? If you know anyone, or are aware of an activity or weekly ministry at church, then you know someone who needs your prayers. Don’t wait to be asked.

Just pray. And let the evidence show itself to God’s great glory.


As we seek Him today, pray for Sunday services and small groups. Pray for Wednesday night services and activities. Pray for the people who lead and attend these ministries, and pray for anyone else God places on your heart.

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