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Predestination is not the absence of evangelism. 

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A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – God may choose in His infinite wisdom who is saved and who is not, however, man is not privy to that decision. There are some who feel no obgligation to evangelize because God has predestined from eternity past who will go to Heaven and who to Hell. That hands-off  theology serves no one. It leavers those believers who try to rationalize not witnessing due to social taboos with an excuse which is not serving the Lord’s desire to use man as His vehicle to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Regardless of how and when God’s will will be perfected, we, as Biblical Christians need to be sharing our faith with others whereever and whenever we can. “Shaking the dust off our feet” should not apply as a universal excuse for ignoring our calling and love for the lost. 

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