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Prepare for Sunday Worship


Our verse for today comes from Matthew 21:12, ” Then Jesus went into the temple and drove out all those who bought and sold in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves. “


I don’t know if you went to church Sunday or not. People’s schedules and plans sometimes get altered or take them away from their place of worship, or make it less likely for them to get there like they usually would. But whether you made it to church or not, I want us all to agree on something, and that is that God cares about why you were or were not there. His divine appointment for you on any particular Sunday may or may not involve attending a church, but wherever you are and whatever you are doing, know that it matters to our God in heaven. He cares about why you are there early or what continues to make you late. He cares about what you do while you’re there and what you do so you can avoid doing other things. So let’s all affirm that while God wants us in His house, He is exceedingly more interested as to the reasons that brought you there.


Jesus Himself wanted the merchants and the money changers in the temple. There has never been a soul that He would close the door on. But He didn’t want them there to make a dishonest buck or to exchange their false worship for another’s. Using the temple currency and having the appropriate animal for the Passover sacrifice might have been necessary for that time, but it wasn’t a good enough reason to turn the temple courtyard into a Sam’s. And for those who waltzed up and got their business done so that they could fulfill their Passover obligation, having the correct change and a spotless sacrifice wasn’t impressing our Lord. Even this past Sunday, He wasn’t interested in your offer to exchange your week of ignoring Him for an hour’s worth of attendance. He is God. He didn’t make us so we could sit in a church for an hour or two each weekend. He wants a relationship with us, one based on His holiness and magnificence and glory, and flowing out of our need and love for Him. That should be enough to take us from business as usual to a humble worship of our God who beckons us to taste of all that He offers.


As we seek Him today, prepare your hearts for this Sunday’s worship by worshiping Him today. Thank Him for His awesomeness, and spend your week seeking Him out.

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