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Producing Lazy Socialistic Narcissists

Ok… let me admit at the outset that this post rubs against the guardrails of the editorial objectives of BCWorldview.org. There are no references to Christians or Biblical Christians. There are no Scripture verses within the copy. I just needed to offer a counter to an arrogant professor/writer who controls his classroom by strategically defining his terms (specifically CRT, Cancel Culture, and Socialism) and proceeding to continue the indoctrination process that has been attacking students since they entered grammar school. He and his comrades are creating lazy, socialistic narcissists in our country, the results of which have been a collapse of our educational system. Beyond that, these students graduate to become the judges, politicians, and CEO’s of our “capitalistic” economic engine. Biblical Christians, who are proud to live in this country, should be (are) standing up against this liberal secular theology, even though our true citizenship is in Heaven. 

My response to the article, “Teaching Students Alarmed by ‘CRT’ and ‘Cancel Culture“.

My Intent

To be clear at the outset, my response to your post is not intended to come across as angry, defensive, or challenging (believe it or not). I am offering my opinion as pragmatically as I can, which obviously is diametrically opposed to yours. Not from a definitional sense regarding CRT, but from a practical view of the way it is typically taught by the liberal elite. 

It’s Not About Definitions

Again, the issue is not the definitions of CRT or Socialism so much as it is the way they are taught and the way many teachers maintain control over the subject and their students (read – grades and perceived superiority in the classroom). 

It’s About Application

The methods used in the teaching of CRT, putting blacks and whites in conflict with each other, is the issue and the cancer that has contributed to much of our educational system. Further, infesting education by removing grading and other attempts at normalizing students in an attempt at equity, under the banner of CRT, if not its actual definition, effectively creates further divisiveness and destruction of our country.  Take a look at how the US has fallen in the last 15 years regarding standardized testing (now largely done away with under the “woke” banner) vs. other countries. Progressive-based teaching is failing. Liberal educators are raising generations of lazy socialistic narcissists who expect everything to be handed to them by a bloated federal government. 

A Bright Spot

My encouragement comes from the knowledge that there are students who have made it through the gauntlet and still recognize right from wrong. More importantly, in the current liberal climate in which “educators” influence kids, I applaud the precious few students who are willing to voice their rejection as some of the rest sit in fear of being outed for their conservative views. Woke teaching strategy is not about using the proper definition of CRT. It revolves around pushing liberal theology and undermining conservative and capitalistic thought. Students are pressed to either agree, ignore, or defend against a “teacher” with a clear and unrelenting agenda that is totally opposed to theirs. 

A Warning to Liberal Educators

I believe Momma and Papa Bears are coming out of the woodwork at the local level and I would expect educators to come under increasing pressure through the watchful eye of a new wave of administrative oversight. Consider Virginia and New Jersey. Consider the current approval rating of the President, who is pushing a liberal CRT agenda. 

Jeff Hilles | BCWorldview.org

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