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Put Your Burdens on Jesus

Take your burdens to Jesus as quickly as you can. Trust Him to give you all that you need, exactly as you need it.


Our verse for today comes from Luke 21:28, ” Now when these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near. “


Do you wonder if your redemption will ever draw near? There are many of us who are up to their necks in struggles and distress. You may be one who has been battling for so long that you cannot remember having it any other way. Today, this morning, you may already feel like the day is lost and there is no point. Everywhere you turn, something is there to knock you back and break your spirits. Every day is like every other, and none of them are very good. Your burdens just seem to be getting heavier and heavier with no relief in sight. As Jesus was heading towards the cross, He described some of the things that were going to take place in the future, and the picture He painted was not a good one. Times were going to get hard, Jerusalem was going to be destroyed, and its people would be killed or captured. And as He talked of things to come before He returned, it did not sound like things would be getting any better. The advances of man were not proposed as the salvation of society. Men’s hearts would fail them from fear and expectation of what was coming.


And that might be where many of you are today. Your hearts might feel like they can’t take one more thing, that the next thing will be the last thing. But if you will, if you can, let these burdens, these weights that seem so overwhelming, cause you to actually stand up and know that your redemption is drawing near. If you will take your eyes off of the burdens for a moment, as thick and oppressive as they might be, and lift up your head, then you will remember that Christ has not left you. For some reason your days have been tough and your setbacks have been numerous, but Jesus has not faltered nor run out of mercy. He has not given up on you. Your redemption is near, even though a dark cloud may have blocked it from your sight. Jesus wants you to know that, whoever you are. And He knows who you are and where you are. So if your heart is about to fail, go ahead and give it to Him. He’s near enough to take it. He’s good enough to take it.


As we seek Him today, take your burdens to Jesus as quickly as you can. Trust Him to give you all that you need, exactly as you need it.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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