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Socialism is Quicksand

Quick Quote - Source - Ezra on Medium

Teaching religion to children is a form of child abuse. WHAT !

Quick Quote - Source - Richard Dawkins

If God’s Word cannot be trusted in one place, then it cannot be trusted in any place.

Quotable Quotes - Source - “Global Reset” by Mark Hitchcock

“In God We Trust” – The United States National Motto

Quick Quote - Source - Dwight D. Eisenhower

God not only calls the equipped, He also equips the called.

Quick Quote - Source - Smith Wigglesworth (modified)

“We are only guaranteed our last heartbeat.”

Quick Quote - Source - Shannon Scott

Life is short and death is eternal.

Quick Post - Source - Jeff Hilles

The only man made thing in heaven are the scars of Jesus.

Quick Quote - Source - Adrian Rogers