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Rejoice in the things God is Not Doing in your Life

Rejoice in the fact that God is not still fighting the battle with evil and death.


Our verse for today comes from John 2:12, ” After this He went down to Capernaum, He, His mother, His brothers, and His disciples; and they did not stay there many days. “


If I were to ask you to tell me about your vacation when you, your family, and some close friends took a trip together, you’d probably have a hundred different stories to tell about the good times you had or the neat stuff you saw. But one thing you probably wouldn’t do would be to just tell me the things that you didn’t do. Why bother talking about it at all if you’re only going to mention what didn’t happen? However, John’s mention of Jesus’ trip over to Capernaum with His family and friends, a journey whose details included not staying there very long, made me think of some other things that are not happening. Now, many of us have an unfortunate tendency to dwell on the negative a little more than we should. We use words like, ” Yea, but, ” and ” Actually ” when we join conversations, feeling the need to point out things that frankly might not be much of a benefit. But I want to mention some wonderful things that are not happening right now, things that can encourage us to make something happen.


At this very moment, God is not condemning you. Regardless of what you have done, or whatever you may do sometime in the future, your Father does not condemn you. You are free and forgiven, not subject to His wrath nor required to make amends. Jesus has taken care of all of that for you. Also not happening right now is Jesus leaving or forsaking you. He’s not standing there with His arms crossed, watching us go down the wrong path, and shaking His finger at us as we grovel back to Him. He’s not threatening to go on without us, like you might hear a frustrated mom do to her child in a store. He’s with you, within you, and He always will be. God is also not growing weary of us. His voice isn’t rising and His temper starting to flare up as we blow it for the thousandth time. He’s not like we are, patient until we need patience. He’s enduring and welcoming, and His cup definitely overflows. So when you are tempted to think about what’s not happening, thank the Lord for all He’s not doing, and stay in that mindset for many, many days.


As we seek Him today, rejoice in the fact that God is not still fighting the battle with evil and death. Thank Him that the victory is won, and we know the outcome. what is, instead of what is not.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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