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Our verse for today comes from John 20:26, “And after eight days His disciples were again inside, and Thomas with them. Jesus came, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, ‘Peace to you.’”


As you recall, eight days ago, Thomas had in no uncertain terms told his fellow disciples that he had no intention of believing the stories of a resurrected Jesus unless he could see and touch the wounds Christ suffered on the cross. And so, for the week in between, Thomas and his dear friends probably had very little to do with one another. They inhabited such extreme opposites in regards to their emotional and mental condition that despite whatever pleas the group may have made to Thomas, he was not in a place where he could receive their words. Until this eighth day. On this day, something stirred within Thomas and he found himself back in the familiar setting of those who loved him. But I doubt everything was back to normal. You see, the others loved and followed a risen Savior. But Thomas, he was not a believer. All the joy and anticipation that was shared by those who had seen Jesus was totally foreign to him. He still walked in doubt and fear and sorrow. So while the others may have turned with excitement every time they heard a noise or saw another’s shadow from the corner of their eye, thinking it might be Jesus again, Thomas heard outside only strangers’ footsteps and saw only a locked door.


But that moment did come. Jesus did show up, the same Jesus for those who knew and for the one who did not. And as only Jesus can, He brought peace to an unsettled situation. Gone was the invisible divide between Thomas and his brothers, and gone was the hole of emptiness and darkness within the one known for his doubts. You and those around you are in one of these camps. Some are closer to Jesus than others. Some need to be welcomed and included, and some need to be welcoming and loving. The disciples kept a spot open for Thomas, and Jesus took care of the rest. If you are in Thomas’ shoes, I hope the arms of Christ on earth are reaching out to you. And if you are those arms, I hope you offer peace to the one who needs it.


As we seek Him today, let Jesus have His way in your relationships, those closest to you, and those not as close as they could be.

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