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Repent for Those Faults You Remember Later

Praise God for a clear conscience. Or ask Him what needs to be done for you to have one.


Our verse for today comes from Genesis 41:9, ” Then the chief butler spoke to Pharaoh, saying: ‘I remember my faults this day.’ “


When I was a child, I used to have perfect recall. I could remember exactly what was said and all the details involved. The only problem was, this recall was very selective. I couldn’t depend on it. It had a knack for showing up a bit too late. Consider the following anecdote, an occurrence that happened all too often. Many mornings, or perhaps the evening before as I was going to bed, my dad would give me an assignment for when I came home from school. It would usually involve a chore of some kind, generally yard work or cleaning some portion of the house. But when I got home from school, my dad was still at work, my mom had just left for work, and I had ridden home on the bus with a bunch of buddies that lived on our street who were primed to rush back outdoors and play whatever game was decided upon. My mind never once considered the chore that awaited me. At least, not until ” the moment. ” What was that moment? It is forever burned in my mind, the sight or sound of my dad’s car turning into our driveway. At that precise instant, my perfect recall returned, and I would remember every detail that he had told me, every detail that I had completely forgotten to do. The encounter that followed would not be pleasant. I would try to convince dad that I had simply forgotten and not disobeyed. But dad, who never forgot anything, could not comprehend anyone forgetting something so simple. Surely, to him, I had merely chosen to play rather than obey, and for that, I must pay.


Things can come back to our minds in odd ways and at unusual times, can’t they? How do we remember certain things and completely forget others? From out of nowhere you might be prompted today, perhaps reminded of a fault or oversight from some time ago. The butler’s fault was two years old. Yours may be much less, or even older. It may require restitution, or simply thanks for God’s resolution. Either way, let what you remember compel you to move forward, resolute and committed to doing right, or to making it right.


As we seek Him today, praise God for a clear conscience. Or ask Him what needs to be done for you to have one.

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