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Respect God, but Not through Worldly Wealth

Take a look at what you might be covering up. Let God have a go at it, and see what He can turn it into for His great glory.


Our verse for today comes from Haggai 1:4, ” Is it time for you yourselves to dwell in your paneled houses, and this temple to lie in ruins? “


When I was growing up, we kids always had to dress up for church on Sunday. And although I hated it, I did get some bit of reprieve in the sock department. For some reason, knowing how much I despised wearing dark dress socks, my mom would buy me dress boots to wear to church. And since the boots were high enough to conceal what type of sock I had on, I was free to wear my normal white socks that I wore with my tennis shoes. Trivial, yes, but still enough grace to make Sundays a little more palatable to a young boy. You see, we grew up going to church when everyone was expected to dress up. It was an expression of honor before God, and an attempt at bringing our best to Him that day. It probably also carried with it a fair amount of tradition, and even a smidgeon of peer pressure, as no one would want to be the one who wore their everyday clothes for fear of what might be said.


And so, I wrestle with the necessity of dressing up my kids for Sundays. I want them to respect God’s house and have a proper frame of mind while there, but I also don’t want to pass on to them any meaningless tradition or ritual that is hollow or hypocritical. Sundays are different, and being in church is special, but not because of what I want them to wear. If we’re there on Wednesday, then their heart needs to bow to the risen King just as humbly as on Sunday. And when they go through their ordinary daily routines, I want them to bring their best to Him, too. For me, I don’t want there to be such a difference between church and the rest of the week. I don’t want any of us to dwell in the fine paneled houses of a dressed-up Sunday, while all the while our temple, where the Spirit dwells within us, is languishing neglected. If our attention is on the wrong things, like the paneled houses that mean nothing to God, then how will He bless the real temple that is wasting away? Dress as you like, and bring your whole heart to Him. He wants the very best from you, but only after we admit that we have nothing to offer Him.


As we seek Him today, take a look at what you might be covering up. Let God have a go at it, and see what He can turn it into for His great glory.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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