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Response to “Flexible Christianity”

I received a response from the article entitled, “Flexible Christianity” which offered a comment from Francis Schaeffer. By quoting Schaeffer in saying that “Christianity is an island not a pin head”, the responder felt Schaeffer supported the notion that terms like, “Biblical Christianity” can give the “impression that only one interpretation, in particular mine, is correct”.

To his valid point, I responded…

Schaefer, in his Christian Manifesto also said, “I want to say to you, those of you who are Christians or even if you are not a Christian and you are troubled about the direction that our society is going in, that we must not concentrate merely on the bits and pieces. But we must understand that all of these dilemmas come on the basis of moving from the Judeo-Christian world view”.

Shaefer would be the first to say that the foundation of the Judeo-Christian worldview is the Bible. It is not feelings about who god is from each of our individual spirits as we interact and accept the moral decay of society.

Humans, by their very nature are sinful. So, if we have to pick something to hang our theology on (regardless of how corrupt our human interpretations may, at times be), my choice will be a Biblical Christian Worldview.

Jeff (BCWorldview.org)


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