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Resting at the Cross


Our verse for today comes from John 17:10, “And all Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine, and I am glorified in them.”


Take a look at yourself, a good, hard look. On your best day, how together do you think you have it? When you’ve made it through your to-do list and scratched everything off, what is the image that you have of yourself? When you haven’t blown it with your kids or your spouse, and all you encountered got the best you have to give, what does that feel like when your head hits the pillow?

Now, how about the days when all you-know-what breaks loose? Something big went wrong, or every little thing was a mess, or some combination of both. You have been broken and beaten right up to the brink, and tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough. Has that ever happened (this week!)? Would you even say that you feel a whole lot less saved on days like this? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. But regardless of how we reckon our day has gone, several things are immutable. One is that we haven’t worked our way into better favor with God. All our best deeds and efforts are dung in comparison to the holy grandeur of God Almighty. But another is that Jesus is still glorified in you, your worst day included.


Every believer was chosen by God and given to Jesus, and hours before He had to die on a cross to pay for all our sins, He said that He is glorified in them. Not in their good days or their best moments, but in them. He is glorified because He has redeemed us from death unto life. And though we cannot improve upon that, it most certainly should compel us. We cannot mess up enough to slip through His hands, cast out the indwelling Holy Spirit, erase our names from the Lamb’s Book of Life, or be separated from God’s love. And that is all because of what Jesus did for us. And that alone brings Him glory. True, your obedience is glorifying to Christ. But He didn’t redeem you because you were good, obedient, or any other fine trait. He chose you by His grace, and for that He is glorified. Now go and live to bring Him glory.


As we seek Him today, let your best and your worst find its resting place at the cross of Jesus, where you can rest in His mercy and grace.

Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

Also published on : Medium.com.


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