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What Do You Need To Give Up


Our verse for today comes from Mark 1:18, ” They immediately left their nets and followed Him. “


We have a friend who has been out of work for a long time. The interviews have come and some opportunities have arisen, but nothing has worked out yet. Unfortunately, he has also been estranged from his son for the past couple years. I don’t know the details, but apparently something occurred and his son broke off all communication. But a couple weeks ago was my friend’s birthday, and he got a call from his son wishing him happy birthday. And he also got invited down for his grandson’s birthday that weekend. So he and his wife made the several hour trip and spent the day with his family. Now I don’t think everything is completely repaired and back to normal, but a huge step was taken to repair a very dear relationship. I also don’t think my friend thought of it like this, but what if he was meant to trade his employment for his relationship with his son? What if God had intended all along for him to have to lose his job to get his son back? How quickly do you think he would have signed up two years ago? How fast would he have walked out and welcomed back his son? How quickly would you have?


There seems to be a price to everything. Something must be given up in order to get something else. The disciples who fished traded their nets to follow Jesus. God gave up His Son to get us. All along it was meant for Him to give His Son in exchange for people like you and me. I don’t have that capacity within me. I mean, it’s hard enough to give up some free time for one of His causes. How could I ever get to the point where I could sacrifice it all? In God’s economy, where He is the blessing and the blesser, we find that the giving up is part of the receiving. Jesus came and died, but rose to return to His Father and is bringing a bunch of people with Him. Losing a job allows you to taste all the other ways that God can provide. I don’t know what you need to trade in order to get what you really need, but God can give you the faith to make the exchange. And I’m sure it is well worth it.


As we seek Him today, will you ask yourself not what you should give up, but what you need to give up? And if God has taken something from you, look for what He is sending you in its place.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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