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Ask Him To Take More of Your Heart


Our verse for today comes from Genesis 29:20, ” So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed a few days to him because of the love he had for her. “


As wonderful as Fridays can be, most people feel the exact opposite about Mondays. In fact, in all the spoken words of mankind, I doubt few have been strung together to declare that Monday was someone’s favorite day of the week. A woman in my office, and you may have one just like her in yours, begins almost every day here by greeting others with her countdown away from Monday and to the upcoming Friday. It’s like her mantra that gets her through the week. That kind of attitude can make for some long weeks. And imagine how long seven years would feel like if each day was just another one to suffer through and endure. But not the seven years Jacob served to earn the right to marry Rachel. They seemed like only a few days to him.


His love for her was so deep, so consuming, that 2,555 days passed as if they were only five or six. He barely noticed the passing of seasons and the festivals flying by one after the other, or that the few days he was supposed to stay with Laban while Esau got over his hatred for him had turned into years and still his mother had not beckoned his return. No, all of that was the water under the bridge on which he now stood and set his gaze upon Rachel. She had replaced the sun and moon in his universe.

But this love story is not a fairy tale. It’s not about happily ever after. It’s a lesson of worship from our Heavenly Father. For He wants us to know that our love towards Him can make of our days what even the love Jacob had for Rachel could not approach. When He consumes us as He desires to, then each day can be that day that God first brought Eve to Adam, that moment Jacob first saw Rachel, times ten thousand. God can make us lose track of time, He can make us serve anyone with joy, He can put meaning where there seems no point. Today is just one day, but what will it seem like to you?


As we seek Him today, ask God for more love for Him. Ask Him for more of Himself, and see what that does to your heart, and to your time.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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