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Providing honest reporting and analysis on the intersection of contemporary issues and theology, based on a Biblical Christian Worldview.

A little bit ABOUT ME

AUTHOR... Rich Holt

I am a dad of six who hardly ever expected to get married, much less have six children. But once our first child arrived, I realized it was the greatest calling I could have. I am also a non-practicing CPA who doesn't enjoy taxes. My greatest claim is to know that my children have each chosen to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

My early years were spent going to church regularly, and somewhere along the way, I realized I needed to place my trust for eternity in Jesus. Since then, there were seasons of deep devotion, times of distance, and everything in between. I have been known to be helpful, judgmental, hilarious, insightful, and aloof. I continue to be amazed by the infinite depth of truth and wisdom of the Scriptures, and I have an enduring passion for teaching the Word in my own simple way.

Writing devotions began over a decade ago as a way to encourage a group of prayer warriors, and it blossomed into a ministry that allowed me to examine my heart and share observations of God's hand at work in everyday life. I continue to look into God's Word for how the many well-known passages and seemingly ordinary texts have much to say, even after thousands of years, and to a man who knows what it means to be fallen. I'm not professionally trained, so read what you will from a co-laborer who's going at it with grace and mercy aplenty.

Crazy for Jesus

Ask God to reshape the way you look at things. Consider expecting something other than what you've always expected, and see what you see then.

Nothing to Offer yet Much to Appreciate

Let's be real about our place before the Lord, and let's really accept that we have nothing to bring Him. Then fall in love with God even more, for there will be more room for Him in your heart.

Sow Seeds of Faith

Let the number four compel you to sow, sow, sow, and sow once more. And delight in doing what you are.

Is Technology Isolating You from God?

Make sure you are using your time well and not just letting your time get used up.

Pray for God’s Healing Power

Pray for God to draw you close even when things seem dark. Ask Him to strengthen your faith through whatever you encounter today.

What is the Source of Your Fear

Look into your actions and reactions for the fear that is holding you. Take that step of faith and let God have His way.

Be Honest With God

Take a step towards complete honesty with your Heavenly Father. Ask Him to pour His love out on you as you pour your heart out to Him.

Do Not Judge

Ask God to allow you to see how you look at others. And when He does, be sure to do something about it.

Go Beyond Just “Touching” Jesus

Do more than what appears to Christ as only touching his clothes. Go all in, all day, every day.

Have Faith and do Not Doubt

Do not fear or worry or doubt at all. For once, have complete faith in Jesus Christ the King.

What Sin is Jesus Asking You About?

Ask yourself something. Look at yourself, listen to Jesus, and see what needs to be asked. And let His be the answer you listen to, and the one you follow.

Step Out Bravely

Do not be content to continue being typecast as you always have. Take part in a new script from God.

Believe and See Him Work

Remember who gave His best so that you could be your best. Believe and then ask God to help you believe more.

Humility over Pride

Ask God to show you where your pride is getting in the way. your ego gets bruised, ask Him to work on your ego, not the bruise or the bruiser.

Remove All But the Priorities in Life

Take an inventory of what you have and what you need. Then maybe start that list of what you really should have.