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Say More By Saying Less


Our verse for today comes from John 18:40, “Then they all cried again, saying, ‘Not this Man, but Barabbas.’ Now Barabbas was a robber.”


I am around certain people on a somewhat regular basis who have a tendency to say things they should not. Sometimes it’s that one extra comment that would have been better off being left unsaid. Other times it’s a gripe that serves no other purpose but to complain about something. Many times it happens when someone shares a little more information than they probably should have, which borders on betraying another’s trust. So often the person simply spoke out without thinking, and other times it was well thought out. But what is always the case is that what came from the person’s lips is what sprang from the person’s heart. And the sadder part is that too often the comments are deemed as justified and acceptable. Even if the one speaking acknowledges they might have crossed the line, they justify it by declaring that’s just the way they feel. If you’ve endured these types of moments, you’ve probably thought like I have, wondering, “Do they hear what they are saying?” Unfortunately, I’m afraid that’s been wondered about me far more than I’ll ever realize.


But if we would be aware enough to listen to what we say, then it might just prevent us from saying the same kind of junk the next time we feel compelled to add our two cents. If the Jews at the Praetorium could have heard what they were saying, even crying out for, then maybe they would have stopped themselves when they realized they were demanding that one of their worst criminals be set free back into society. Maybe the unspoken part of their demand, to set him free so he could terrorize their city once again, would have shocked some sense back into them. Well, probably not. It didn’t happen then, and it happens so rarely today. We shoot off at the mouth, and let the carnage fall where it may. I’d like to say that from now on I’ll only say what I really should say. I hope you desire that for yourself as well. God certainly does. And His Spirit can make it happen, if we will let Him.


As we seek Him today, hold your tongue until the Holy Spirit gives you the words that are needed. Try saying more by saying less.

Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

Also published on : Medium.com.


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