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Say The Words of Life

Say all that you can, or as little as you need, to point someone to the hope that lives within you.


Our verse for today comes from John 1:41, ” He first found his own brother Simon, and said to him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ (which is translated, the Christ). “


” Thank you. ” Our parents taught us from an early age to say this whenever someone had done something for us or given something to us. Two simple words that, as you get older, take on even greater import and have an even deeper effect on those who hear it. Menial tasks and unpleasant chores can be redeemed through the gratitude expressed to the one who suffered through them. Similarly, other two-word phrases can inspire one to go above and beyond, to keep on in the face of difficulty, or simply to do what must be done. ” Try again. ” What accomplishment of any significance was achieved without first experiencing failure? ” Work hard. ” Every successful person would point back to this phrase as a necessity for them to get to where they are. ” Be yourself. ” Contentment and satisfaction do not await those who try their best to be something they are not. ” Be honest. ” The harm done to yourself and others by one lie can damage relationships to the point where they never mend. ” I’m sorry. ” Though technically not two words, an apology can take down a wall that no hammer or bulldozer or dynamite can touch. So it’s not always the quantity of our speech that carries the weight. These expressions, and dozens like them, have shaped and transformed countless individuals from what they were, delivered them from what they might have become, and pushed them to attain what they never would have imagined.


And it was two words, in their Greek language, that Andrew said to his brother Peter that changed his life and the next 2,000 years of Christendom. ” We have found ” and ” Messiah. ” It doesn’t take much to express what God has to say. It doesn’t take a sermon to say I used to be, but now I am. It doesn’t require a PhD to share what forgiveness looks like. It doesn’t have to have an introduction, three points, and a conclusion to say there’s more to life than just living. Share Jesus.


As we seek Him today, say all that you can, or as little as you need, to point someone to the hope that lives within you.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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