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Seek the Lord in the Good Times and Bad

Pray for God to strike another blow against Satan, even as the enemy attacks His precious children.


Our verse for today comes from Mark 10:13, ” Then they brought little children to Him, that He might touch them; but the disciples rebuked those who brought them. “


My family and I went to the fair recently. On Friday, you could buy a wristband for one price that granted you unlimited passage on all the rides, and so that was our day of choice. Ordinarily I would buy a certain number of tickets and distribute them to the kids, and they would be able to enjoy six or seven rides during our visit. But for a few dollars more, they were now limited only by the hours in the day, and night. I am not a ride guy. My stomach cannot handle the spinning. There was a day when I loved a good roller coaster, but even those now make me queasy. But even though I no longer ride the rails with my kids and feel my stomach up in my throat as the coaster plummets towards the earth, I do occasionally experience the highs and lows and dramatic swings of a roller coaster, albeit on a much more emotional level now. Yesterday was one of those days. Several weeks ago, two of my daughters made the decision to follow Jesus as their Lord, and yesterday I was blessed to be able to baptize them. Nothing, literally not one thing, could mean more to me for my kids than to see them following Jesus. And to be able to baptize them and hug them as they came up out of the water put me on the peak of mountaintops. But the day did not end there, and the roller coaster must always come back down.


Later, I heard news of a family situation that was in crisis. It was unpleasant, inappropriate, and perhaps worse. But they, too, followed Jesus. He was the steersman of both our rides. But in this case, their journey included heartache where mine had known joy. Same God, same Savior, very different experiences. Why? Why such ugliness and sweetness within the same heavenly family? I can only say what you already know, that Satan is real and God does not promise to preserve us from all harm, but promises to be our strength and our deliverer. It’s true during the highs, and it’s true during the lows. So seek Him no matter where you are on your ride, and He will see you through to the end.


As we seek Him today, pray for God to strike another blow against Satan, even as the enemy attacks His precious children.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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