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Seek Unity Through Christ


Our verse for today comes from Mark 3:25, ” And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. “


I took a quick inventory of my heart this morning. I say quick, because it didn’t take long for the various distractions and entanglements that reside within to come to mind. There were frustrations, disappointments, thoughts of how I wish things were, anger, and exhaustion, to name a few. Oh, there was also thankfulness, contentment, joy and appreciation. But they are not the problem. We don’t need to be saved from our joy and gratitude. It’s the self- focus, pre-conceived ideas, and personal agendas that bring us down. As my sisters spent time last week going through my mom’s belongings, my oldest sister had a very difficult time of it. She desperately wanted her mother back, and this was made worse as she wrestled with how quickly she was gone, and how differently mom had planned to have her things distributed than my sister had hoped. And so my other sister felt the brunt of her pain, and was even blamed for how things were arranged. There was division in that house.


Just like in my heart. I had unmet expectations and built-up frustrations, and my heart was divided. I wanted God’s will and mine to be closer than they were. I didn’t like how some things had turned out. I had, yes, been letdown. That’s not a healthy place to be. And if you’re breathing right now, then you’ve been there. You’ve clenched a fist or fought the urge to give up. And as bad as that is, what’s even worse is when we spread our wounds among the body of Christ. When unforgiveness or bitterness or personal dissatisfaction flow from lips to ears, then there is division. When a worship service becomes the pastors doing their ” jobs ” and the congregation routinely participating, then there is division. When God is able, as long as He does it a certain way or through certain people, then there is division. When God is on one page and we’re on another, there is division. And so we must fight it. Fight it within ourselves, and fight it within the body. And that happens at His altar. There, we won’t fall divided, but we will bow in unity.


As we seek Him today, ask God to fill you with a desire for unity, and then seek it out in your own heart. Take every frustration to Him and let Him get you onto His page.

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