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Set Your Priorities on the One

Consider first your crowd of One, and let your actions flow concentrically out from there.


Our verse for today comes from Mark 15:15, ” So Pilate, wishing to satisfy the crowd, released for them Barabbas, and having scourged Jesus, he delivered Him to be crucified. “


Two’s company, but three’s a crowd. There’s a whole lot more than math going on in that saying, isn’t there? Obviously, going from two to three is an increase of 50%, and such percentage increases would generally be noteworthy. But on the other hand, adding one more to the group is hardly a population boom. The concept of a crowd is far from an exact science. What image do you have in your mind when you hear someone say that a crowd gathered because of such and such? Does a particular number of people fill the picture in your mind’s eye? Or how many have to be leading for you to follow the crowd? Is five enough? Fifty? More? And if you’re doing your thing, if you’re up there playing to the crowd, how many need to be taking it in for it to matter? Could someone play to a crowd of one, while another needs a packed house? Further, how many was Thomas Gray referring to when he famously wrote, ” far from the madding crowd ” ? I think it’s safe to say that one man’s crowd is another man’s, well, not a crowd. Some of you thrive off of more, while others flee the masses. But we all are affected by them. The question is, how? Because not every group impacts you the same way. Some couldn’t care less about what hundreds might think. But don’t sprain your shoulder trying to pat yourself on your back because you think that’s you. You still have a certain two or three that you would bend over backwards to please.


The key in all of this is not to never satisfy the crowd. That’s nothing more than being a full- time contrarian. No, we need to have a clear sense of who has our ear and where are the lines. We should want to make an impact, but everything has some sort of cost. If it’s costing you the wrong things, then you’re resembling Pilate when you ought not be. And if you’re the ones clamoring for Barabbas, then you are complicit in the harm that might follow. So know your crowd. But better still, know your heart. And choose wisely whom you want to please.


As we seek Him today, consider first your crowd of One, and let your actions flow concentrically out from there.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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