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Spring Cleaning Of Our Hearts


Our verse for today comes from Acts 13:6, “When they had gone through the entire island as far as Paphos, they came upon a certain magician, a Jewish false prophet named Bar-Jesus.”


With all the rain we have had, seemingly going back nonstop to my childhood, it makes one long for drier times. If we weren’t stuck in an unfortunate sliver geographically where the precipitation toggles generally between rain and ice, rarely blanketing us with snowfall, then the drudgery of another soaking wet day might not feel so prevalent. But teased by the cold and doused by the rain, we are usually left with the threat of dangerous roads and nothing on the ground for children and sleds to enjoy. So most years, and this exceedingly wet year especially, the anticipation of winter gets replaced about halfway through with the hope of spring.

But back in the day, what used to come with the opening of windows and lengthening of days was the project of spring cleaning. Houses would get turned upside down in the wake of being closed up and filled up all winter long. Everything was cleaned, everything was washed, and nothing was left where it was or as it was. It was a kid’s worst nightmare and could make you long for wetter, more miserable days. And to be sure, things were uncovered that needed to be. When you go through a house from top to bottom, you are forced to deal with all the things you turn a blind eye to in the day to day.


Now, imagine going through an entire island, one much larger than Delaware, where false gods and idols are worshipped. Consider all that would be uncovered and in desperate need of spring cleaning. In one man Paul and Barnabas found a Jew who was both a false prophet and a magician. But in the one individual who is you, what is there to be found? In the places where you turn a blind eye or deaf ear, what lies in need of a cleaning? Chances are most of our clutter and filth has been massaged and maneuvered over time to where it feels ok and seems reasonable.

A spiritual Spring comes and we don’t give it a second thought. That is for the really bad people, the ones who do things on the weekends or are destroying our way of life. To whoever would hear, myself included, may I suggest that there is more to be concerned about within our own hearts than there is swirling around us. Let’s embrace the winter that is and get started with the cleaning that is desperately needed.


As we seek Him today, start the process of examining your entire heart and let God make things clean and fresh.

Rich Holt | BCWorldview.org


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