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Stop Complaining, You have Fellowship with God


Our verse for today comes from John 6:61, ” When Jesus knew in Himself that His disciples complained about this, He said to them, ‘Does this offend you?’ “


I hope you’re not a complainer. I don’t think that I am. And that’s the thing. So many of us have one impression of ourselves, when reality says that we are quite different. When it comes to complaining, we can dress it up and call it something else so as not to make it sound so negative. We might say we’re just being honest, or we’re just blunt and straightforward by nature. Whatever the tactic is, though, I’m convinced that I’ve never heard anyone simply describe themselves as a complainer. But we’ve all been around them, so we know that they’re out there. And being around them is not a real enjoyable experience. Now, when it comes to the teachings of Jesus and the scriptures, we don’t tend to hear much complaining. But that’s not to say that we’re all lining up as obedient disciples to do as His every word has proclaimed. No, we don’t verbalize a whole lot of disagreement with the Son of God, at least those of us don’t who worship Him as God’s Son and consider the scriptures as inspired and inerrant. We’re not that audacious or arrogant.


But we do have some issues with some of what we read. We must. How else can you explain our inattention to His explicit commands, or to the declarative instructions and overt examples that fill the pages of your Bible? We won’t complain about them, intuitively acknowledging that there is no reassurance to be found from another who might also have a beef against an almighty God. Honestly, who can find much comfort in someone who agrees with them about God’s supposed rights to his life or His presumptuous claims on his time and devotion? So we just ignore and move on. But Jesus knows within Himself that His disciples complain. We don’t have to say it, and we don’t. We’re too smart for that. But Jesus sees what we don’t do. He hears what we don’t say. In fact, He loves who we won’t love. I doubt, frankly, that He’s too interested in our complaints. And if we’re honest, we’d say they’re not much worth listening to.


As we seek Him today, do more than just biting your tongue over a perceived injustice or inconvenience. Ask God for a new attitude of obedience and devotion.

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