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Stop Concealing Your Sins

Confess the doubt that has you in the wrong frame of mind. Trust God, no matter the issue, no matter the magnitude.


Our verse for today comes from Luke 1:7, But they had no child, because Elizabeth was barren, and they were both well advanced in years. “


Chocolate is a sin. Well, not exactly. I know that a food itself does not carry any moral value, but with the way that so many of us crave it and consume it and get so excited when it’s available, chocolate does seem to have an unusually high place on our priority list. You probably have known someone, like I have, who hides it all around the house, or who cannot complete a meal without eating some kind of chocolate. And then there are those who run to it whenever they experience stress or anxiety, finding comfort in the form of a candy bar or ice cream or M & M. For centuries, folks have hidden behind the barn to smoke a cigarette or tucked a flask away somewhere to sneak a nip. I’ve never yet heard of someone hiding in their closet to munch on carrots or eat a bunch of grapes. The chocolate is awesome, but there’s cause for concern when we’re hiding or sneaking or concealing it. Like a secret sin. And I’m not necessarily talking about something sexual or perverted or illegal.


Zacharias and Elizabeth were righteous before God, blameless in His commandments. He was a priest, she came from a lineage of priests. But they had no children. And in their day, that was cause for concern. Was there something in their life they were hiding for which God was judging them? We know that’s not the case. But how many who knew them or worshipped with them wondered as the years passed them by? But the ironic part is, the secret sin didn’t occur until God promised Zacharias a son. After Gabriel appeared to him secretly and foretold of the coming of John, Zacharias couldn’t believe it. And his doubt cost him his speech. Unable to talk, he carried his secret transgression with him until John was born and Zacharias confirmed his name. Our secret sin of doubt costs us, too. We don’t lose our speech, but we miss out on much more. We miss the opportunity to trust and obey, to be stretched and grow, to honor our Lord. We miss much more than we hold onto. So where are you hiding your faith?


As we seek Him today, confess the doubt that has you in the wrong frame of mind. Trust God, no matter the issue, no matter the magnitude.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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