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Synonyms for Liberal and Progressive – Where Are We Headed?

Where are we headed as a nation? One indication is the definitions of words. To make my point, check out the “Google search” synonyms for the words “Liberal” and “Progressive”. Compare them to the synonyms for “Conservative”.

  • “Liberal Synonym” The first words in the block results is “tolerant”. The second word is “unprejudiced”. The third is “unbigoted”. The words continue in order as follows… “broad-minded, open-minded, enlightened, forbearing, permissive, free, free and easy, easygoing”, skipping three unrelated words and then, “unbiased, impartial, nonpartisan, indulgent, lenient, lax” and finally “soft”. 
  • “Progressive Synonym” – As a noun the first two words are… “innovator” and “reformer”.
  • “Conservative Synonym” – As a noun the results, in order are… “right-winger, reactionary, rightist, diehard, Tory”, and then my favorite, “Republican”.

Liberal Success

The results above could stand on their own, without further comment. That is to say, every single sector of our great country has been infected by liberal and progressive thought. Our government institutions, our laws, our educational system, Hollywood, and those who run our major enterprises, have all been impacted. Perhaps the worst offender of this imbalance is our media, controlled by the very few. To me this is an issue between Conservatives and Liberals not between Republicans and Democrats, regardless of how interrelated these terms may appear to be.

As I write this article I am a vaxed, Conservative Biblical Christian Independent who is not a fan of Trump.

Conservative Stagnation

Conservatives have stood idly by and watched (or perhaps were mesmerized) by this onslaught of the left-wing agenda. Progressives have taken the long-view in imposing their viewpoints throughout every corner of our society. And, as I mentioned in a previous article, Conservatives likely do not have the backbone to reverse that attitude. Our last major attempt was the Tea Party Movement from 2009. It primarily focused on fiscal responsibility rather than social conservatism. (Boy, has “fiscal responsibility” taken a beating!) The Tea Party was successful in the 2010 elections. Republicans won back the House, at which point the movement largely disbanded. 

One has to go back to 1979 to find a previous movement of conservatives. That was the year Jerry Falwell established the Moral Majority. MM did play a significant role in the elections during the 1980’s before finding its own demise. 

So, these two big, well-publicized movements represent the success stories of Conservatives. However, all the while Liberals continued to clandestinely press their agenda. As a result, today we are discussing the differences between words like “equity” vs “equality” and considering “reparations”, “free advanced education”, and “open boarders”. Moreover, the word “Liberal” is now lauded as a good thing. For the first time in the history of this post-Christian nation, 65% of Democrats, polled last year by Gallup, stated that they had a “favorable view” of Socialism. 


A large part of the problem is that few truly understand (or want to understand) the impact these liberal views will have on our country going forward. COVID, the loss of jobs, social distancing, schools closed, etc. have resulted in a further increase in the haze of life in this country. That, coupled with continuously increasing and unchallenged permissiveness in the areas of crime, legal drugs, sex, etc., has resulted in the general population (both Liberals and Conservatives) being totally complacent and willing to receive short term benefits (handouts) in exchange for a work ethic to better themselves and their families. We are all asleep at the switch as the wheels of big government and big tech continue to roll toward oblivion. 

In short, we are headed off a cliff and I suspect it will happen long before climate change has its predicted impact. 

Jeff Hilles | BCWorldview.org


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