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Tear Down Our Temples

As we seek Him today, consider what Jesus can accomplish in His time and strength rather than in ours.


Our verse for today comes from John 2:20, ” Then the Jews said, ‘It has taken forty-six years to build this temple, and will you raise it up in three days?’ “


Forty-six years is a long time. And for me, it is significant, for I will turn forty-six years old in not too many months. I know many of you who are reading this have crested well beyond this age, while others are fast approaching it. But regardless of where you are, a lot can happen in forty-six years. Imagine the type of building that could be erected over a forty-six year span. With dozens or even hundreds of workers, even limited by the most rudimentary of methods, builders of Jesus’ day could have made a structure that was truly magnificent to behold. And whether they worked on it steadily for all that time, or built it in phases, the temple was certainly a mighty accomplishment. And our lives are filled with some impressive accomplishments, too. Over forty-six years we can buy a few houses and fill them with some nice stuff. We can have a few children and get them well on their way to becoming fine adults. We can attain a certain level of importance and influence at our jobs. We may have coached some teams, taught some classes, and been involved in our neighborhoods and communities. People around town may know who we are, and real change or progress may have occurred because of our input or resources. Our cars may have gone from Matchbox to Mercedes, and our clothes may have improved from hand-me-downs to handmade suits.


But what if Jesus told us to destroy these temples we are enjoying? What if He said to get rid of what we’ve done, and instead let Him have three days to build what He wanted? Would we receive that sign from Him? The Jews didn’t know what He was talking about back then. They had no idea He was talking about His resurrection. Are we so far off base that we don’t know what He’s trying to tell us today? Faith, sacrifice, love, patience, obedience – these are wonderful words. But have we built our own versions of them over the years? Let’s let Jesus raise us up to be as He intended.


As we seek Him today, consider what Jesus can accomplish in His time and strength rather than in ours. Ask God to tear down any temples you have made that are keeping you from wholly worshipping Him.

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