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Thankfulness for Regeneration


Our focus verse for today comes from Psalm 95:4, ” In His hand are the deep places of the earth; the heights of the mountains are His also. ” 

Background & Application

I wonder how many different ways there are to spend a day. I imagine the number is somewhere near the number of stars in the universe. Think about the thousands of days that you have lived so far, some resembling others, but each one quite unique in so many ways. And in the midst of all these choices, distractions, and pursuits, God has placed in our souls a desire to worship. He has put in us a need to repeatedly return to Him, regardless of how we happen to fill the remainder of our time. I was struck by this even more so this morning. The fact that we can go to sleep each night and wake up the next morning with renewed energy amazes me. Where does this energy come from by simply lying unconscious? The body somehow regenerates another day’s worth of energy, storing it throughout its members, and enables itself to perform whatever needs to be done that day. It’s an awesome design. Verse two of Psalm 95 says to come before God’s presence with thanksgiving.

For each of us, coming before God has its own meaning or expression. But I think we need to carry that out daily. Today. Do whatever you need to do to get into His presence. Go to that place or listen to that music or get away from whatever you need to get away from. And stay in His presence until you have gotten past the distractions, until you have worked through the strangeness of the silence. Stay there until you have managed your list or vented your frustrations. Stay there until you are consumed with thanksgiving. For some it might come quickly, for others the trip is a little longer. But the thanksgiving is where the energy lies. The thanksgiving is where the soul is renewed. That is where we see what was and what is. That is where we are empty and receive His filling. Take the time to get to thanksgiving. It may be the unique part of today that refreshes your weary soul. 


As we seek Him today, thank Him. Thank Him for absolutely everything you can think of. Thank Him whenever you get tired. And thank Him that He never grows tired of us. 

Rich Holt / BCWorldview.org

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