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The Abundance of God’s Grace

Let the abundance of God's grace sink in as you consider all that you do willingly and knowingly.


Our verse for today comes from Luke 23:34, ” Then Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ And they divided His garments and cast lots. “


You remember the time when Jesus was walking with His disciples, and He asked them to tell Him what the people were saying about who they thought He was. And some people were saying He was John the Baptist, some were claiming He was Elijah, and others thought that He might be another prophet. They didn’t quite get it then as to who Jesus was. They had come to believe that He was more than a carpenter, but exactly what else He was continued to elude them. And that ultimately led Him to the cross. And so, isn’t it ironic, if not tragic, the way that the people jeered Him on the cross as He was crucified on Calvary. For now, as He hung there, looking like anything but Elijah or a prophet, exposed and humiliated for all to see, they mocked Him with names like Christ, the Chosen of God, the King of the Jews, and the Son of God. Before, many of the people were earnestly trying to understand who Jesus was and why He had come, but they didn’t know what to call Him. Now, as they saw Him fulfill His purpose and give His life for their sins, they called Him all the right names, but for all the wrong reasons. No one now accused Him of just being a prophet, or said that He was Elijah returned to die since he never died after his first life. Now they blasphemed Him with sarcastic jabs of supposed deity, all the while considering Him to be almost less than human. They didn’t know. They simply didn’t know, not who He was or what they were doing.


But I do. And when I made a sarcastic jab at my wife, I knew what I was doing. Most of the lines I cross I do so willingly and knowingly. So when I thought of the forgiveness of Jesus, I was overwhelmed by the fact that my intentional transgressions are still under His grace. I could have stood before His cross and known exactly what I was doing to Him, and He still would have bowed His head to death. My goodness, how incomprehensible is it that He loves us that much to forgive us that completely? Father, forgive me, for You know just who I am.


As we seek Him today, let the abundance of God’s grace sink in as you consider all that you do willingly and knowingly. Ask Him to forgive you, realizing all that it entails.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org 

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