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The Cleansing Forgiveness of our Heavenly Father


Our verse for today comes from John 13:9, ” Simon Peter said to Him, ‘Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head.’ “


Most of us are familiar with the fact that the human body, when reduced to its most basic chemical components, isn’t worth very much. I can remember back to my youth, hearing how each of us wasn’t worth more than a dollar or two in a scientific, elemental way. Recently, I came across a figure that valued us at a more respectable $160, if you consider it respectable to be worth less than half of that little phone you are so attached to. But there is a way to get a better return on yourself, and that would be to sell off your body parts. The biggest downside to this would be that you wouldn’t be alive to enjoy the fruits of your financial endeavor. You see, one could sell their heart for $57,000. Your lungs would get you another $115,000. The blueprints of all that you are, commonly referred to as DNA, would bring in a cool $9.5 million. And the marrow from your bones could be worth up to $23 million. But in spite of all that, the eternal value of it all is dung when compared to the washed soul of a follower of Christ.


When Peter heard Jesus say that he must be cleansed to have any part with Him, Peter was intent on getting as much as he could in this exchange. He did not want only his feet washed, but his hands and his head as well. Those feet, the ones that lead us to the sin that we then trip over, are in constant need of a cleaning. But so, too, are our hands, the instruments of so much that does not glorify our King. We waste time with them, we do deeds that are not honorable, and we do not put them to the holy use of the kingdom as we should. Likewise, our head harbors thoughts that are shameful and downright scandalous. From its mouth flow words that are hurtful and judgmental, even when spoken in hushed tones to willful hearers. No, the millions of the black market could never compare to the daily washing of our Lord from head to toe. As Joshua said to Achan, give glory to the Lord God and make confession to Him.


As we seek Him today, let all that you are know the goodness and peace of the cleansing forgiveness of our Heavenly Father.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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