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The Eclipse of the Sun: An Awestruck Wonder

Oh that all could see the hand of God at work!

A total eclipse of the sun

I live in California, so I wasn’t fortunate enough to see the totality, as they called it, in person. I ran out to see a pacman size bite out of the sun here. However, I ran inside to watch the whole thing on TV news. 

It was a thrilling sight. For one, it happens so rarely we feel excited to catch a “once in a lifetime” experience. The other reason is that we saw the moon fit perfectly into the frame of the sun, which made the earth ominously dark and cold for a few minutes. It was a sight to behold, even on TV. The ring of fire around the moon showed little bursts of oddly shaped bits of the sun protruding from the normal glow. I read later that these were solar ‘prominences,’ little loops that protrude from the sun’s edge.

And then the diamond ring glowed as the sun just started to peek out from behind the moon again. It added a burst of glory on one side of the ever-so-thin ring that looked just like a sparkling diamond. This brought a universal cheer from the crowds!

A useful tool for scientists

Scientists, of course, look forward to this phenomenon whenever and wherever it comes around because it is a great chance to see the corona of the sun without it blinding their eyes. Throughout the ages, before sophisticated devices made it easier to study the sun, scientists learned many things about the sun during eclipses. Even now, viewing solar flares and promenances reveals more about how the sun affects the universe and our world. 

The reaction of the crowd was most surprising

What stood out to me most was the reaction of the crowd gathered to watch the display en masse. People were exclaiming, “Oh, God! Oh…..God!” (I am sure even atheists were using that exclamation!) Some people, even the news anchors and me were tearing up. It was emotionally moving!

 One stadium fell silent, just a profound silence. Witnessing. A Celestial. Performance.

It made me pray, “O, God. If they could only see You, the One behind all the marvels in this universe, The One who is truly worthy of awestruck wonder!”

The Psalmist exclaimed, “The heavens declare the glory of God;
 the skies proclaim the work of his hands. (Psalm 19:1)

And to think…we can know the God of this universe through Jesus, His son! Just ask Him to reveal Himself to you! 

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