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The Family of God


Our verse for today comes from Acts 1:14, “All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and His brothers.”

Background and Application

The new testament church is many things, and scripture contains many different metaphors referring to the followers of the risen Christ. We believers are called the body of Christ, comprised of all the various parts that enable a body to function and thrive. We are also the bride of Christ, awaiting our blessed union when the Lord returns. The church is also a flock, following our great and loving Shepherd. You and I also are some of the many branches of the church, grafted to the vine of our Savior for life and sustenance. And we are also the family of God. He is our gracious Father and we all are brothers and sisters, fully adopted into the family of Jesus. And as a family, we have certain characteristics that are true about us, and others that should be. God, in any Person of the Trinity, has complete and utter reign over us. His word is final, as it is revealed to us in scripture. Our family spends time together, helps and supports one another, shares meals with each other, and gives of its resources to enhance its members. We also resemble our Father, while being quite unique and looking and acting our own way.

We love each other naturally, because we have been born of the same spirit. We offend and upset each other and don’t always like the way others do things. We have different opinions, and we sometimes say too much and other times don’t say enough. We don’t open up as much as we should, even though we know the other members of our family will love us through whatever we’re dealing with. We love to be recognized, crave acceptance, have gifts and abilities that others can enjoy, struggle with priorities, and generally make a mess of things on a regular basis. But that’s a family. And if we’ll devote ourselves to coming together in one accord in prayer, we men and women, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, will grow together as a family to God’s glory and our great joy.


As we seek Him today, be a part of the family. Spend time with your family, pray with your family, love and be loved by your family.

Rich Holt / BCWorldview.org


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