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The Greatest Undercover Mission Ever

God’s plan for mankind and our calling as ambassadors. 

In military conflicts, sometimes a special forces team is needed. I am captivated watching movies about special force teams who are used in dangerous conflicts around the world. They are highly trained and experienced. They work together as a seamless team, covering each other against enemy fire with eye-of-the-tiger precision. They go into the most dangerous, hostile situations with one goal in mind: to accomplish their mission. Often the mission is to rescue hostages or those taken captive in war, or to take out an enemy which is wreaking havoc on a population. They are disciplined and fearless. Their focus helps them take on extreme risk. They trust their training and their comrades-in-arms.

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The greatest example of such an undercover operation is seen in an ancient manuscript, the Bible. It tells us of a mission that needed to be accomplished. An entire population is held captive by a ruthless overlord. Most people are oblivious to his influence, but some are willing accomplices of their wicked master. All, whether they know it or not, are under his influence. Because this evil being has ruled for centuries, the people are in bondage to many things. Some are controlled by addictions which slowly sap their worth. Others are racked with illness that weakens their strength and shortens their lives. A few become so twisted by their ruler’s ways they do dispicable things to their fellow people. Most are just living selfish lives, seeking whatever makes them happy.

This is the story of human beings. The great undercover rescue operation originates in God’s heavenly realm. Jesus is God’s special force. He came to earth from that spiritual realm as a baby born to a virgin. The reason He was born to a virgin is because He had to be untainted by the sin of mankind that was passed down from generation to generation. So Jesus is called the Son of God. He was born to a human mother, Mary, but His seed came from God. Yeah, it seems like a fantastical story, unless you believe there is an all powerful spirit being, God, who made this happen. He did. 

The baby was born in Israel, as a Hebrew. He was named Jesus. He grew up in Israel and learned the customs of the Jewish people, fulfilling all the prophecies given in the old Jewish scriptures, the prophecies about the coming Savior of the world. When He was about 30 years old, He began the assignment planned out before the world was formed. God filled Him with God’s presence, the Holy Spirit, which empowered Him to teach powerful truths, heal all kinds of deadly diseases, bring dead people to life, and set people free from the darkness in their souls. Jesus was revealed to the world as the Messiah, the Savior the Jewish people were waiting for, and the Savior of all human beings who would come to Him. 

He is called the Light of the World. The tragedy is that though He came to those who were his own people, the Hebrews, many of them did not receive Him. The New Testament says, “They loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.”

Jesus came to do much more than teach, heal, set people free, and raise the dead. He did all those things to reveal the nature of God. He is described as the “exact representation of God.” So, if we see Jesus, we understand who God is and what He is like.

There was a much more important mission that He came to do. He came because all humans are born in rebellion against God. We are living in a world that is disconnected from God. Many people insist there is no God; others say that they are not sure if God exists because they haven’t seen proof. The fact is, humans are born blind to the spiritual realm (1 Cor. 2:14). We don’t have eyes to see God. We are oblivious to His realm. When the first people on earth, Adam and Eve, disobeyed God, they and we, their ancestors, all died to a relationship with God. Ever since, humans are born with no connection to God’s spiritual realm. Jesus said that unless we are born again, into His Spirit, we cannot see Him (John 3:3).

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So a sacrifice was needed for the rebellion of humans. There was no other way to satisfy the courts of heaven but by someone paying the price for humans’ treachery. The penalty for our crime is death. Since God knew humans would rebel, He sent Jesus into the world as a human. He lived a perfect life, submitting to God’s ways in everything, perfectly loving God and His fellow humans. He became the perfect payment for our lawlessness. 

Because Jesus was God’s perfect sacrifice, the spirit-ruler of the world, Satan, hated Him and determined to kill Him. He aroused the power brokers of the day, the religious and political leaders in Jerusalem, to make up false charges against Jesus. They then conspired against Him to provoke the Roman rulers to find Him guilty of a crime and crucify Jesus, though it was obvious to them that He was innocent. He was nailed to a cross and died.

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Truly for those who loved Jesus, it seemed like the end of their hopes and dreams. They had imagined that Jesus would be King of Israel and that they would be free of Roman dominance. 

This was not God’s plan, though. It was necessary for Jesus to die by crucifixion, as a criminal would, to pay the necessary penalty for all the lawlessness of human beings. He is called the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. His death took our punishment. Now, in the courtroom of heaven, when we trust in Jesus’ death for us, we are declared ‘not guilty’ of any crime. We are then given a new life that comes from God’s Holy Spirit who lives in us. 

The strategy was brilliant. God used His enemy, Satan, to bring about the victory that would set human beings free from death. Satan provoked humans to crucify Jesus, thus assuring Satan’s own demise. 

Jesus, of course, did not stay dead. His body was buried in a tomb, but as 500 eye-witnesses said, He was brought back to life by God. He came alive and appeared to His followers and many others who saw Him, talked with him and ate with Him. He told them that what happened had been planned before the world was formed and was revealed in the Jewish Scriptures through the prophets and writers. He showed them all the places where the Bible’s writings said He would die a painful death for the sins of the people, but would come to life again. 

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It was this resurrection that secured victory over death, not just for Jesus, but for all who would believe in Him. He made the way for us to be forever declared “not guilty.” 

The undercover plan does not stop there, though. Once His followers are filled with His own Spirit, they become His special forces to take the Good News into the world. He told His followers that He was going to go back to the spiritual realm (heaven) and that the Holy Spirit, which is God’s own Spirit, would come and fill them after He left. He told them to wait until the power of the Holy Spirit filled them and that then they would have the power to do what Jesus did. So after Jesus went up into heaven, the men and women who followed Him were together in a room, praying and waiting. Then, after ten days, the Spirit of God filled the room where they were. It was so powerful that it sounded like a stormy wind. The Spirit of God then filled the believers so that they were empowered to speak and preach, even in other languages that they did not know. It says that the Holy Spirit appeared like fire over their heads. They were so filled with a new, powerful life from God that people thought they were drunk!

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 They were so overjoyed, they began telling everyone how outrageous God’s love is. Thousands who heard the noise came running to see what was happening to these people. The same people who had been hiding in fear that the Romans would come and kill them, like they had killed Jesus, were now fearlessly telling everyone what Jesus had done. They were so full of God’s love and presence that they couldn’t help but talk about Jesus! Now they had become God’s undercover agents, spreading the news of God’s love and life to all the world! 

This is what we, as Jesus’ followers, are called to, to be ambassadors for His kingdom and to spread the good news that we can have friendship with God and live in His family, for eternity.

Romans 10:9 If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.


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