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The Heart, not Success, is the Answer


Our verse for today comes from John 9:2, ” And His disciples asked Him, ‘Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?’ “


My daughter recently tried out for a special part in the routine that her dance class is working on. As the teacher was deciding, she narrowed her choices down to my child and another girl.

But when class was held the following week, the teacher had not made her selection. Instead, over the next several weeks, her efforts to make a decision included having the two girls learn a new routine to try out again, deciding to let the class vote to choose which girl should get the part, deciding not to let the class vote to determine the winner, delaying her decision yet another week, and then finally announcing her choice. And the news was not good for my daughter. When I first saw her, the results were evident even before I asked her how it went. Her face bore the tell-tale signs of deep disappointment. I had not seen the audition, nor do I have any knowledge as to the skill of the other dancer, so I have no opinion as to who should have gotten the role. But I know who I wanted to get the part. Many prayers had been offered up on behalf of my princess. But it was not to be. When I asked my heartbroken angel throughout the evening how she was doing, she repeatedly said she was ok. But her eyes told a different story.


We have no way of knowing what all went into the decision that was made. But I am proud of my girl for not complaining about her fate, and her only words about the other girl were that she was good. She could have tortured herself over what she might have done better (and she very likely may be playing this out in her mind), or wondered why God did as He did. She could have looked for something or someone to blame. Rather, the disappointment of these circumstances has become an opportunity to see God’s hand move in a different direction. You see, my prayers were not all in request of the part for my child. Her heart was my primary focus. And if we’ll let God have His way there, every outcome can be a favorable one.


As we seek Him today, view every result and situation as the perfect plan of a perfectly loving Father.

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