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The Irony of Trump Bashing

If you monitor most any media outlet Trump remains in the news, years after he left office. This is particularly true as the June 9th Congressional Committee on the January 6th Capital Attack begins to ramp up.

Something may or may not come from this media event.

I am NOT a Trump fan but if both losers (Trump and Biden) run in 2024, Trump will win and the liberal media will be in tears again.

If the June partisan hearings are successful and Trump is barred from running in 2024, there will be an even greater rout of the Democrats. Whether Biden’s opponent is Pense or DeSantis or anyone else who can fog a mirror, Americans will vote Republican with much greater veracity without Trump in the picture. And that’s the irony of all ironies based on the obsession with destroying Trump.

If the June Congressional Hearings are “successful” it will further insure that we have a Republican headed for the White House in 2024.

Biblical Christians

What does this have to do with Biblical Christians? It means that we will return to more conservative politics with a Republican controlled Congress and White House. It will include more protections for freedom of speech, and reduced governmental intrusion in our right to practice our faith. However, there will also be a significant increase in riots and civil unrest. We need to show love and grace ministering to our neighbors as we navigate these changes.

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