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The Joy of Transparency vs. Treachery


Our verse for today comes from John 13:28, ” But no one at the table knew for what reason He said this to him. “


Surprises and secrets can be awesome. For my recent birthday, the evening was drawing to a close, but my wife and others were acting a little strange. They wanted me to hang out in the kitchen as one of them went down into the garage. Moments later, they returned with what I had suspected was going to be the surprise birthday cake. And it was a cake, but not the cake that I was expecting. It turns out that my aunt had made for me a pig pickin’ cake, which is one of my favorites, and had my sister secretly bring it to the house and hide it in the refrigerator in the garage. And all were in on the clandestine plot except me. Yay for me.

Now, contrast the joy and anticipation my family experienced in knowing what lay ahead for me with the anxiety and tension that Judas undoubtedly felt as he kept his impending betrayal a secret. Having met with the chief priests and secured the bribe, Judas sat at the table with the others, still alone in his devices. He had not said a word to any of these beloved friends about what he was planning. Not once did he even hint as to what he was considering. He did not seek advice, nor feel inclined to ask if any of the others wanted in on the scheme. It was his secret, and his alone.


But of course he didn’t share the idea, for we know any one of them would have lambasted him for the thought of such a treachery. Before he finished his sentence, Peter probably would have decked him for such disloyalty. Other disciples, those not of the twelve, had fallen away over time, and Judas could have gone that route if he simply didn’t believe. But Judas was a pawn in a larger plan, and so he moved in the shadows and had secret meetings that led an army to show up in a garden to haul away his friend. It didn’t end well for Judas, this burden of living a double life. Tradition tells us all twelve eventually died on behalf of Jesus, but only one died in shame and guilt. Sometimes, secrets aren’t that awesome


As we seek Him today, examine your heart to see if something needs to be brought to light, and experience the joy of transparency.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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