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The number of choices in news sources has exacerbated silos, helping Christians to hide in our own group.

Believers are hiding in our self-isolating echo chambers.

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A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – The opportunities to hear the news from our preconceived notions of correctness has never been greater. For many, that means finding a personality on social media that fits their worldview and putting blinders on when others offer a differing perspective. We are all prone to isolating ourselves into walled off silos that support only our unique worldview.

Over the last few years I have intentionally viewed the news media more and more suspiciously as we passed through events such as COVID, Trump, Clinton, Afghanistan, the border, January 6th, to name just a few.

Biblical Christians have three choices. We can choose to limit ourselves to selected Christian media outlets that play to our predispositions and ingest a fractured sampling of the truth. Or we can choose to reject all news of world affairs and be naive to the issues we are surrounded by every day. Finally, we can force ourselves to broaden our horizons by intentionally viewing a spectrum of news outlets, those that support our worldview and those that don’t, trying to separate truth and fantasy from each. That third choice makes the perfect truth of God’s word stand out as a beacon of light from the darkness.

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