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The Overabundance of Life


Our verse for today comes from 1 Timothy 6:8, ” And having food and clothing, with these we will be content. “


How much could you do without before it started to hurt? Or how much could you get rid of before you really missed something? What do you tend to go overboard with, and how much of it could you give away before it made an impact on the way you live? Who of us has a peanut butter sandwich and gives sincere thanks for it? It’s a sneaky thing, this contentment that we desire. The world of advertising and commerce bombards us with everything under the sun, pretending to care about our happiness, but actually intensifying the struggle to be content with what we have. They can’t deliver what they promise, so they have to keep throwing more and more at us. But what about the food and clothing we do have? Have you looked in your closets and dressers lately? Not a look to figure out what to wear amongst all the possibilities. But a look at what you have that produces the expression that you are content with what you see. Could you consider everything you have to wear and say that this is good, that you are being true to how Christ has called you to live?


What about your food? Have you scanned your cupboards, pantries, cabinets, and refrigerator(s) recently, and not just to look past what you have in search of something else? Can you examine your grocery shopping and restaurant excursions and declare that your eating and drinking is all being done for God’s glory? For that’s what it boils down to, the glory. If having enough to wear and enough to eat doesn’t engender contentment, then God’s glory is not our main concern. We’ve established another agenda for ourselves, intent on adding to the design of our Father. Desiring more of something else, no matter what it is, opens our hearts to lust and envy, while closing it off to the glory of God. Food and clothing don’t make us content, for that comes from the Lord. But they sure can speak as to how content we truly are. And what they have to say should affect our closet, our kitchen, and most importantly, our heart.


As we seek Him today, examine your level of contentment in the Lord. Work on your contentment to-do list.

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