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The Politics of Abortion

Abortion Pros & Cons for Christians and the Pro-Life Movement.

The Conundrum for the Christian Voter

Christians are in a difficult position when it comes to the question of abortion.  On one hand, all abortion is wrong, and we should strongly oppose all forms at any stage of development.  On the other hand, we are called to be “wise as serpents” (Matt. 10:16) and, as such, we need to realize that this absolute stand will turn off voters and cause many of them to vote for the party that (falsely) promises to help women in distress.  If we lose elections, there will be more abortions, rather than fewer, in our current culture.  Our strategy must be to defeat them at the ballot box.

Culturally, most of the US accepts abortion up to a certain level of fetus development, on a state-by-state basis.  Unless we accept where the country stands and adapt our message, the pro-aborts will be successful under this single divisive issue.

The Reality

I recognize that our current political system is utterly corrupt.  However, even a properly functioning political regime is all about “the art of the possible”, or compromise.  In a healthy society, it is extremely seldom that one party in a negotiation gets everything they want while the opposing party gets nothing.  A well-functioning society is about compromise and about getting the right message to the voters.  If we fail to meet the voters where they are, we stand to lose elections, including the presidency.  Pro-lifers need to present choices in a way that will be palatable.  What good is it to be supported by a few voters based on dogmatic correctness, if we lose the election and leave the field to the ungodly?

A Practical Approach

In my opinion, we need to educate believers that the commandment not to kill applies to the unborn. But, we also must explain to those who are inflexible, that the pro-life faction in our country needs to win elections.  Only then will we be able to make progress on the subject of abortion. We further need to remind pro-life voters that the opposition is working on a platform of unlimited abortions, in some cases including the killing of babies who have come to full term, and even those who survived the abortion procedure itself.

Let us learn from the opposition who have been successful at viciously maligning the pro-life camp. Pro-choice advocates are pushing the extreme view that the pro-life movement wishes to incarcerate women who have an abortion.  That is the stigma that will further marginalize our efforts in the ballot box. Accepting the reality of abortions in certain situations (life of the mother) and at very early developmental stages will facilitate an opportunity to strengthen our position through our elected leaders. The replacement of Roe vs. Wade with the Dobbs decision has moved the conversation from a federal pro-abortion stance to state-by-state legislative control. An intransigent pro-life stance holds a potential for a change in federal legislation back to a free-for-all on abortions in America. We cannot let that happen.

Psalm 139:13-14 For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

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