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The Reputation of Jesus


Our verse for today comes from Luke 8:50, ” But when Jesus heard it, He answered, ‘Do not be afraid; only believe, and she will be made well.’ “


Our family went to Busch Gardens this weekend, so we spent some time maneuvering through crowds and waiting in lines. We generally don’t experience a whole lot of that throughout the year, except for our annual visit to the N.C. State Fair in October. Historically, when the weather cooperates, well over 100,000 people attend on several of the busiest days. And though we try to attend on days that historically have lower attendance, I can attest that thousands of patrons seemingly congregate at certain locations and intersections on the grounds at the exact same time. So if you desire to make it from one end of the fairgrounds to the other, you should know that there is congestion waiting to welcome you into the fold as one of the masses.


When Jairus caught up with Jesus, He was making His way through a crowd. Undeterred, Jairus fell down at Jesus’ feet to beg Him to come heal his dying daughter. But as they proceeded, the crowds thronged Jesus, nearly choking and crushing Him as they pressed in all around Him. To us, it probably seemed like Jairus and Jesus had to get from the back of the fairgrounds to the front in a hurry, but that simply was not going to happen. But then a messenger arrived. Sensing the crowd belonged to the Healer from Nazareth, it wasn’t difficult to find Jairus and give him the bad news. The delay had been too long, and his only daughter had died. Oh, what emotions overwhelmed Jairus. This oppressive crowd, the evil, random disease, the unfairness of life snuffed out too soon. It was all so unnecessary, and he probably experienced it all in that one moment. But then Jesus tells him to not be afraid. That seems odd. Don’t be afraid? But Jesus knows that when we won’t believe, we are afraid to trust and surrender the consequences. Sure we doubt, but we fear being disappointed by a God who is supposed to love and care for us. But don’t be afraid to believe. He can make things well. And when He doesn’t, He can get you through that, too.


As we seek Him today, don’t let fear keep you from trusting God. Don’t sell Him short, as if His reputation needs your help to protect it.

Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

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