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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that run counter to a Biblical Christian worldview.

Church Drag Show – Fox News – “Church-sponsored LGBTQ pride event promotes ‘kid’s activities,’ ‘drag shows’… A church-sponsored LGBTQ pride event in Kentucky is advertising “kid’s activities” and “drag shows” in the state’s capital this weekend… According to Capital Pride Kentucky’s website, Saturday’s event is sponsored by at least three churches: Bridgeport Christian Church in Frankfort, First Christian Church in Lawrenceburg, and South Frankfort Presbyterian Church. 

Mental Health – CNN – “90% of US adults say mental health is a crisis in the United States, CNN/KFF poll finds… Nine out of 10 adults said they believed that there’s a mental health crisis in the US today. Asked to rate the severity of six specific mental health concerns, Americans put the opioid epidemic near the top, with more than two-thirds of people identifying it as a crisis rather than merely a problem. More than half identified mental health issues among children and teenagers as a crisis, as well as severe mental illness in adults.”

Preferred Pronouns – CBN – “Michigan Physician Assistant Fired and Called ‘Evil’ for Opposing Transgender Ideology… and blamed for the suicide of transgender people by hospital staff simply because she refused to acknowledge the preferred pronouns of patients due to her religious beliefs. Kloosterman worked for Michigan Health for 17 years but was fired last year after she sought a religious accommodation that would prevent her from having to use transgender pronouns or refer patients for transgender surgical procedures and drugs.”

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