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Tradition Should Never Extend or Undermine Scripture

Quick Quote – Source – Jeff Hilles

A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – As Christians we live by faith not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7)). That includes Scripture. The Bible, in its original autographs, is the inerrant Word of God and only penned by divinely inspired men. Even though the cannon (the books which eventually became the Bible) was decided by God not by man long after the events it chronicles, it was an act no different than the expansion of God’s revelations through Moses, which were added to centuries later by His revelations through Christ. What man sees as discrepancies found in God’s Word come almost exclusively from man’s inability to understand and, in many cases, an unwillingness to accept God’s commands at face value. 

There is nothing wrong with  tradition as long as it is not in conflict with Scripture. To follow tradition or current cultural norms without a foundation (read “Bible”) is to create one’s own religion based on personal human desires (read “sin nature”). That is dangerous at best and sacrilegious at worst. 

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