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Transgender, Religious Discrimination, Prayer, SBC, More…

Daily Headlines on contemporary issues that impact a Biblical Christian worldview.

Washington State to Allow Transgender Medical Procedures on Minors Without Parental Consent

“A Washington state bill has drawn national attention after opponents said it elevates state authority over parental rights, allowing minors to undergo medical gender-changing interventions and abortions without parents’ consent.

State Senate Republican Leader John Braun said the troubling legislation “clears the way” for kids to “game the system” by taking away parents’ God-given rights, according to Town Hall.”

Left-wing Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Restrictions on Gender Transition Procedures for Minors

Americans overwhelmingly oppose hormonal gender transition procedures for minors, according to a Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation (WaPo/KFF) poll publicized Friday.

But according to these responses, 72% of “trans adults” said they “currently have a doctor or other health care provider” he or she can “feel comfortable seeking health care from,” compared to 79% of total adults.”

‘God is Trans’ Exhibition at Progressive NYC Catholic Church Sparks Debate Over Gender Identity

“A recent exhibit at the “very liberal” Church of St. Paul the Apostle in Manhattan is stirring up controversy because it examines gender identification in a spiritual setting. The exhibit, titled “God is Trans: A Queer Spiritual Journey,” has confused some parishioners and appears to go against the Catholic Church’s official position on the transgender community.

Some angry parishioners complained that the church shouldn’t be endorsing this message, while others thought the exhibit seemed to impose its views on others. However, some people saw the exhibit as a reflection of the parish’s historically liberal nature, which is located in New York City.”

Washington School District Wins Religious Discrimination Suit Against School Board for Allegedly Blasting Christian Beliefs

“In a landmark decision, a Washington school district has won a religious discrimination suit against its school board for allegedly blasting Christian beliefs.

The board was accused of religious prejudice and discrimination against the Christian university, which had provided services to the school district for several years.”

87% of Praying Americans Report Answered Prayers Over the Past Year

“Despite reports of declining worship attendance following the pandemic, especially among young people, a majority of Americans still say they pray, according to a survey from the Radiant Foundation.

Findings of the survey of more than 1,700 Americans were released by the Radiant Foundation on May 4, which was the National Day of Prayer.”

Southern Baptists grow in attendance and baptisms, decline in membership • Biblical Recorder

“In-person worship service and small group attendance also rebounded, but total membership and the number of congregations slid.

 In 2022, baptisms increased by more than 16%, in-person worship attendance climbed by more than 5%, small group attendance grew by 4% and giving to Southern Baptist congregations ticked up by almost 2%.”

50 Churches Torched, Christians Among 35K Fleeing Violence in Northeast India

“According to the news outlet, the violence first erupted in the state last Wednesday after thousands participated in a protest march organized by the All Tribal Students’ Union of Manipur to oppose the demand of the majority Meitei community receiving benefits, including the right to farm on forest land, cheap bank loans, and health and educational facilities, as well as a specified quota of government jobs.”

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