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Trends on any issue need to be viewed from the center of the bell curve.

Activists like to categorize the opposition by looking at the extremes.

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A Biblical Christian worldview perspective – With every issue, there will always be extreme opinions. I recently responded to a reader who stated that Christian preachers were calling for the execution of gay people.

I am sure one can find extreme views such as this if we look hard enough. However, in most cases, the extremes on both sides of an issue are in the minority. But they do garner media attention and gaslight viewers into believing extreme positions are mainstream. It is important to look to the middle of the bell curve, rather than the vocal extremes when evaluating the popular direction on an issue, especially a divisive one.

From the center of the bell curve, Christians don’t hate gay people, they don’t want to turn America into a Christofascist state, and most realize there are times when abortion is an appropriate medical need.

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