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Trump Transcript on God and Prayer

How do you interpret Trump's response to the question of God and prayer?

Below is a transcript from a conversation this past Sunday (6/2/24) between former President Trump and the Weekend Fox News team on the subject of his relationship with God and prayer. It is rare when Trump is asked about his views on religion, with an opportunity for an extended answer. Each of us can parse Trump’s response through the lens of our personal worldview and insight into his wording. If one looks through YouTube, FoxNews, or even Google, you will be hard-pressed to find Trump’s discussion on prayer and God as part of the published sound bites (I could not find it… if you do, please send me the link.) Below is a direct transcription based on a live slice rebroadcast from Fox & Friends this morning.

This is Sharron from Alabama….

What’s your relationship with God like, and how do you pray?

Trump’s Full, Unedited, Response 

“OK, so I think it’s good. I do very well with the evangelicals. I love the evangelicals. And, I have more people saying they pray for me. I can’t even believe it. And they are so, uh, committed and is so, they, they say, sir, you’re going to be OK. I pray for you every night. I mean, everybody almost, I can’t say everybody, but almost everybody that sees me, they say it. It’s such a beautiful thing. 

You know, It’s a beautiful thing, too, when you look at all this bad stuff going on, they have nothing to look up to. They have no God. They have no anything. They kill people. They beat people. They push people into subways. They so… there’s just nothing there. 

Religion is such a great thing. It’s so it keeps you, you know, there’s something to be good about. You wanta be good. You want it, it’s so important and I don’t know if it’s explained right, I don’t know if I’m explaining it right to her now. But when you have something like that you want to be good. 

You want to go to heaven. OK, You wanta go to heaven. If you don’t have heaven, you almost say, what’s, what’s the reason? Why do I have to be good? Let’s not be good. What difference does it make?”

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