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Trust the One Who Knows All Things


Our verse for today comes from John 16:30, “Now we are sure that You know all things, and have no need that anyone should question You. By this we believe that You came forth from God.”


I imagine part of the wonder of heaven will be finding out all those things that are so mysterious and unexplained about God and all His creation. Each of us probably has our list of things we can’t wait to ask God, if indeed that scenario will play out, or even need to, in eternity. Much of our anticipation likely revolves around details that have been omitted in God’s telling of His story. Certainly the accounts of creation could have been fleshed out a bit more. And what about the years of Jesus’ life before He began His public ministry? One question of mine, one that is certainly less than earth-shattering, is how long did Adam and Eve enjoy perfect fellowship with God before sin ruined it all? In that perfect setting, the first couple walked in union with God, as certain of Him and His purest intentions as two people could be. But the day came when doubt, confusion, and uncertainty were introduced. Into their relationship of trust and obedience came the element of distrust. What had gone unquestioned and unchallenged was by Satan presented as incomplete, untrue, and insincere. And while we do not know the tenure of Eden’s bliss, we well know the response to this cunning deceit. Adam and Eve’s foundation was compromised, and they believed the lie. It was a first for man, and it hasn’t stopped since.


Relationships, careers, and religions have covered the earth based solely on what is untrue. And people who thought they stood on something solid have been washed away as if they built on sand. When you face moments when all that you have held is shaken, what happens to your hands? Do you hold on tighter to the truths of God, trusting Him even more in the face of doubt? Or do your hands begin to lose their grip as your faith seems to slip between your fingers? Much about God we know, especially through the person of Jesus. But not everything. But if you know Him, you know He is able to take you through the dark times. So be sure, and trust the One who knows all things.


As we seek Him today, let the challenges of the unbelieving world draw you closer to the One with whom there is no shadow of turning.

Rich Holt / Originally Published on : BCWorldview.org

Also published on : Medium.com.


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