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Trust the Word of God


Our verse for today comes from Genesis 24:6, ” But Abraham said to him, ‘Beware that you do not take my son back there.’ “


The buck has to stop somewhere, right? Ultimately, we need to have something or someone in our life that we can go to when we need a final decision or an explanation or to regain our frame of reference. It doesn’t mean that other sources of information or direction are bad or of no value. But when sound ideas and good advice are inconclusive or even contradictory, we need that foundation to fall back on, even if we can’t quite grasp the why or the how as to its solution. Growing up, that someone was most likely our parents. They were most equipped with wisdom and understanding and love to get us through the cloudy times. As we have become adults and experienced more of the world around us, we see that people have all sorts of counsel on which they lean. Some rely on the professionals of psychiatry. Others glean what they can from the how-to gurus of pop culture. Many seek signs to steer them this way over that way. Too many go with what’s easiest or most convenient. But we followers of Christ are blessed with the Word of God. In those holy scriptures lies the ultimate and final word for any and everything we encounter. Even over the message of an angel.


When Abraham sent his servant back to his homeland and his people to find a wife for Isaac, he gave him specific instructions. He told him that an angel would go before him and a wife would be ready to come back with him. But even if the woman would not return, Isaac was in no way to leave and go to her. On that there could be compromise. But why? Abraham knew God’s promised word to him, that where he was would become the land of promise. So even if the angel ” messed up ” and chose the wrong woman to return for Isaac, he was not to leave God’s promised land to fill the earth somewhere else. Abraham chose God’s truth over the logical suggestion of his trusted servant, and even over the working of God’s angel. That is how we should trust His Word. All of it, even when we don’t quite know how or why.


As we seek Him today, ask God to increase your trust in His Word. Choose to believe and do whatever it says.

AuthorRich Holt | BCWorldview.org

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